The HamburAmbassadors are the representatives of Hamburg Metropolitan Region all over the world. What unites all of them is a strong commitment to Hamburg. Either they were born in the Metropolitan Region, or they lived, worked or studied in Hamburg. That is why they feel a strong connection towards the city until today.

The program started 2005 and has now 35 ambassadors worldwide, contributing to Hamburg’s strong network around the world. The ambassadors engage themselves in different contexts to promote Hamburg. This is done via events, lectures or talks or by organizing the so called „Hamburg nights“. Additionally, HamburgAmbassadors also support the organisation of trade fairs, meetings, conferences and receptions. Like that they strengthen existing contacts and develop new ones for Hamburg.

Once a year all HamburgAmbassadors come together in Hamburg in order to get to know each other and the partners within the city. They obtain the newest information on developments and trends within Hamburg.

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This map offers an overview of all existing HamburgAmbassadors in the world.


HamburgAmbassadors in India

Since May 2017 Heiko Mohn is HamburgAmbassador in Mumbai. He is the Managing Director of the shipping company Hamburg Süd for India, Pakistan and the Middle East regions. He resides almost 15 years in India. 


Since May 2012 Amita Desai is the HamburgAmbassador in Hyderabad. She did her M.A. as well as her M.Ed. at the University of Hamburg in Education, English Language and American Literature. Before becoming the Executive Director of the Goethe-Institut in Hyderabad in 2003, she worked first in the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce in Bombay and then in the Goethe-Institut, the Max Mueller Bhavan Bombay.