Unsere Testimonials

  • Being in India the first time is extremely overwhelming. Business is being done much differently from Europe and also accessing interesting companies and start-ups from the mobility sector would have been so much more effort without the support of Hamburg Representation Mumbai. The prior-to my visit research and recommendations and moreover the local support in India were extremely useful and helped to understand the local mobility ecosystem and the relevant players. You would think that in times of the internet, this isn’t the case anymore but you’d be wrong.

    Sebastian Hofer

    Innovation Manager, Hamburger HOCHBAHN AG

    Hamburg Hochbahn AG is a local public transportation company operating buses, trains, ships throughout Germany. The HHA was founded by Siemens & Halske and AEG in 1911.

    To get to know more information about Hamburger Hochbahn AG , please visit the following website: https://www.hochbahn.de/hochbahn/hamburg/en

  • The initial contact with Hamburg Representation Mumbai within the scope of our Indian market analysis project was established in October 2016. From the first day onwards we gained support from Mr. Lukas Schmitz with his friendly attitude and his knowledge about the rules and regulations regarding to food imports into the Indian market. With his various contacts to the Indian authorities as well as the free economy Mr. Schmitz was a really helpful and supporting contact person on-site

    Hagen Bachsmann

    Asia Pacific Manager, Sump & Stammer International Food Supply

    Image: Wolfgang Sump, Managing Director, (left) and Hagen Bachsmann, Asia Pacific Manager, (right) Sump & Stammer International Food Supply

    Sump & Stammer International Food Supply is an international trading company, based in Hamburg. As a member of Transgourmet which is part of COOP Switzerland, one of Europe´s largest cash & carry and foodservice players, Sump & Stammer is specialized in the worldwide distribution of a vast range of food products to the cruise industry, hotels and resorts, ship suppliers as well as catering companies. To get to know more information about Sump & Stammer International Food Supply, please visit the following website: www.sump-stammer.com

  • As a sustainable company in the textile industry, we source all our products from India. In this regard, we need to provide our Indian partner with particular intermediate and at one point we were confronted with specific customs questions. After the first contact with the Hamburg Representation Mumbai in October 2016 on this subject, there is a constant and friendly exchange which goes way beyond customs queries. We know, we can contact the Hamburg representative office anytime and thus have a reliable contact in India.

    Henning Siedentopp

    Managing Director, Mela wear GmbH

    Mela wear GmbH, based in Lüneburg, is a young enterprise, which produces sustainable textiles and backpacks from organic cotton. All the products originate from India. More than 400 retail stores in Europe are retailing the Fair Trade and organic (GOTS certified) Products. To get to know more information about mela wear GmbH, please visit the following website:  www.melawear.com

  • In January 2016, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce established contact to the Hamburg Representation Mumbai and the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce in Mumbai. Thanks to the experts legal department of the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce and the very competent and professional team of the Hamburg Representative office in Mumbai, a very lost thought situation of an export container that was stuck in the Indian customs was solved in an unexpectedly short time. During the entire period, the team was constantly in touch with the local port authorities, customs authorities and customs house brokers as well as with the shipping company on-site. The local presence of the team of Hamburg Representation Mumbai was ultimately decisive for the successful result. Without them it would not have worked out. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you again.

    Dirk Reichenberg

    Managing Director, SENTAL Export GmbH

    SENTAL Export GmbH is a family-owned company, founded in Hamburg in 1977. The company is active in import and export in the field of telecommunications.

    To get to know more information about GFG, please visit the following website: www.sental.de

  • We have started our office in Germany in March 2016 and are mainly the German trading branch of our India parent company NutraWorld LifeCare Pvt. Ltd. In the course of setting up our branch office in Hamburg, the Hamburg Representation Mumbai and the HWF Hamburg Business Development Corporation provided us with valuable information from the advantages of Hamburg to the legal background and visa related issues. The tight collaboration between the two partners made it very easy for us to receive all relevant information and start initial talks already in India. I am very glad that the support continues over time and gives me an advantage in developing my business in Germany.

    Shivam Parikh

    Managing Director, MYRA Products GmbH

    Myra Products GmbH is active in the wholesale food industry and focuses currently on trade in rice. The company, which is headquartered in Hamburg, is the subsidiary of NutraWorld LifeCare Pvt. Ltd.

  • Hamburg Representation Mumbai and HWF Hamburg Business Development Corporation continue to aid Aactio’s development in Germany and the collaboration between Hamburg Representation Mumbai and Aactio has helped to aid Aactio’s success in India. As a Hamburg-based company, India can be a challenging environment to operate in and Hamburg Representation Mumbai is available when I need them, assisting in our ongoing navigation of the Indian market.

    Mo. Siddiqui

    Managing Partner, Aactio GmbH

    Aactio GmbH was founded in Hamburg in 2016 and helps facilitate long-term relationships for clients in the Renewable and Cleantech energy sectors, so they can find their competitive edge and boost their market share. Aactio GmbH helps our customers deliver sustainable energy solutions to the world.

    To get to know more information about Aactio GmbH, please visit the following website: www.aactio.com

  • During the preparation of a training program for Indian executives, we have approached the office of Hamburg Representation Mumbai and received numerous support in this regard. Among other things, Hamburg Representation Mumbai has provided us contacts. This enabled us to organize a presentation by an Indian company that operates its European business from Hamburg. In addition, thanks to the help of the Port of Hamburg Marketing e.V., the Indian executives were able to visit the container terminal at Altenwerder. Furthermore, a reception was organized in the city hall of Hamburg, where a representative of Hamburg Representation Mumbai was also attendant. Some of the Indian entrepreneurs will certainly maintain contact with HRM in order to gain support for the initiation of business transactions with partners from Hamburg in the future.

    Timo Tekhaus

    Project Manager, Akademie International

    As a specialized partner, we realize multilayered objectives in the area of ​​personnel and organizational development for international companies and organizations in Germany and worldwide.

    To get to know more information about Akademie International, please visit the following website: www.akademie.international.de

  • The cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce in general and the Hamburg Representation Mumbai is an important component of the solid basis of our business activities. In addition to the active promotion of our business interests, the Hamburg Representation Mumbai is available in all questions of regional conditions as well as trans-national specifics in international trade. For example, we have recently worked out the tangible benefits through the Initiative of “Make in India” and the various trade policy schemes. Furthermore, the office of the Hamburg Representation Mumbai is not only an ideal platform for network with added value, the always kind team has continuously open ears and a solution ideas.

    Christian Lampe

    Product Manager, LIQUICHEM Handelsgesellschaft mbH

    LIQUICHEM Ltd is an owner-managed company with the purpose of producing and trading industrial chemicals. The Company, which was founded in 1994 in Hamburg, is based in two location within Europe. Overall 12 employees take care of the needs of our partners in all aspects of commodities, specialties and customized production in nearly all branches of chemical.

    To get to know more information about LIQUICHEM Ltd., please visit the following website: www.liquichem.de

  • Currently, we are working on a sales project that includes, among other things, the market development in India for a German industrial product. Through the collaboration with Mr. Schmitz from the Hamburg Representation Mumbai, we have received valuable tips and contacts which support our sales activities for our clients excellently. With the help of Hamburg Representation Mumbai, we have been able to establish an intensive connection with the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce. Furthermore, at the initiative of the Hamburg Representation, we are available for Indian companies who want to distribute their products and services in Europe without first having to build up their own sales organization for the European market. We are looking forward to the valuable and personal contact and to a successful and good cooperation!

    Marco Hopp

    Managing Director, HOPP ACQU!TIES GmbH & Co. KG

    HOPP ACQU!TIES GmbH & Co. KG, based in Hamburg, specializes in the implementation of cross-industry B2B sales and distribution. Representative for their clients, the company take over the acquisition at the management level and implement the entire acquisition process from the initial contact of the target customers through the presentation up to the successful conclusion of the contract.

    To get to know more information about HOPP ACQU!TIES GmbH & Co. KG, please visit the following website: www.hopp-acquities.com

  • One important element within our study programme is a one-week study trip, which contributes to prepare the students in an international work environment. The aim of the study trip 2016 was to investigate logistics challenges in emerging markets, the destination of the trip was Mumbai. Supported by the Hamburg Representation Mumbai the students developed a diverse programme with site-visits e. g. in the port of Mumbai, at the DHL branch, a container depot and a chemical plant in Mumbai region. 

    Prof. Dr. Jan Ninnemann

    Head of the Logistics Management Department Maritime and Logistics, HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration

    HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration is the University of Choice of Hamburg's business community. In cooperation with about 200 partner companies, HSBA trains more than 900 students in dual undergraduate study programmes, which optimally combine theoretic studies with profound on-the-job training. Professor Jan Ninnemann, who is the head of the logistics management programme at HSBA, supervised the study trip. He joined HSBA in 2011 and has a research focus on maritime transport chains as well as last-mile-logistics.

    To get to know more information about HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration, please visit the following website: www.hsba.de

  • In collaboration with the Hamburg Representation Mumbai we organised a programme for the visit of the Chairman of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority, Mr. Dammika Ranatunga, to Hamburg in March 2017. The exchange of information during the collaboration was prompt and reliable, making the collaboration highly enjoyable. Due to Hamburg Representation Mumbai’s valuable contacts, they were able to come up with a very interesting and well organised programme for Mr. Dammika Ranatunga’s visit to Hamburg. I look forward to our future collaborations!

    Barbara Schmidt-Ajayi

    Regional Manager India / South Asia, OAV – German Asia-Pacific Business Association

    The OAV – German Asia-Pacific Business Association, comprising more than 800 members, promotes the strengthening of economic relations between Germany and the Asia -Pacific region. 

    To get to know more information about OAV– German Asia-Pacific Business Association, please visit the following website: www.oav.de

  • HWF ‘Hamburg Business Development Corporation’ along with its Indian branch ‘Hamburg Representation Mumbai’ extended useful support to Gujarat Fluorochemicals in establishing its subsidiary in Hamburg which has proven to be a great location for doing business in Europe. They assisted us in company registration, office and warehouse renting and suggesting valued partners for handling accounting, tax and legal matters. HWF continued support to our growth during last 5 years and has been a significant contributor to our success in Europe. 

    Deepak Kapoor

    Business Head- Europe, Gujarat Flurochemicals GmbH

    Gujarat Fluorochemicals GmbH (GFG) is Hamburg based subsidiary of Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd. in India. GFG markets Fluoropolymers, Refrigerants and Chemicals manufactured by its parent company in a world-class manufacturing facility located in India. 

    To get to know more information about GFG, please visit the following website: www.gfl.co.in